You are, the only exception And I’m on my way to believing Oh, and I’m on my way to believing.

This song actually has a very personal meaning for me. To me it’s about a person who has only seen the bad side of love, whoose mother broke their fathers heart, but still the blame could not be fully placed on either parent and it was a tragic situation all round. The person does not believe in tue ‘love’ becuase of this and always tries to keep a ‘comfortable distance’ even if they do date people/ are pyschically inimate they never feel a true connection with somebody, until they meet a person who they grow to share that bond with- their ‘only exception’.

Before meeting their ‘only exception’ he/she felt lonley as although they had people on the surface hteir inner emotions were not touched/ left uncared for. Nobody sparked enough passion in them emotionally and ‘werent worth the risk’ of the persona giving their true heart to.
love never lasts’, ‘keep a straight face’ relates to the personal aspect of the song. A guy I once knew had many flings or ” F buddies” with girls who where a bit slutty and jsut up for that kind of thing. And he always pretended he wasnt bothered by it and the game of seduction and breaking the rules of his very strict Catholic father imposed. But in relaity he was looking for somone, but not jsut anyone, he wouldnt have wanted just anyone, because there was only one true person for him- his only exception. It was all becuase his mother had divorced his father at a young age and it was a very bitter divorce.

relaity” to the persona is that niggling thought in the back of thier mind that love really ‘never lasts’, but evenso they still hope to prove temselves wrong and that they really ahve changed their thought patterns “on the way to believing’, thats why it seems alsmost dream like that their heart has doen a full 360. Now they have it, they dont want to loose it, and they want that person to keep proving to them that love truly exists, not to eventually let them down. like in the VIdeo they want to run butcant let go” of that one person.

The fact that they are “on the way to believing” relates back to how damaged they are in the first place and the fac that they have come this far is a miracle in it’s self. And that person they love- the ‘only exception’ is a livivng miracle.


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