Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder


Oh beautiful one how are y

Read my poem and tell me if it’s true
At the end of the long tunnel your my light
When it’s cold your my blanket for the night
Your my hot water bottle when am not well
Your my secret diary to whom my secrets I would tell
Your my medicine to take away all the pain
Your the only one whom I would dance with in the rain
Your my map to help me find the way
Your my energy to get me through the day
Your my drug to get me high
Your the one to whom I can’t lie
Your my only true addiction
Lead by your seduction
She stupefies me when she walks into a room
Taking out all of the darkness and gloom
Others might have estranged each other
But we both know we love one another
She’s conquered my heart
And now we can’t be apart
Your in the sky like a shining star
Don’t deny it love you know you are
Before I met you I always used to ponder
Why absence makes the heart grow fonder
But since you went away
Though it was for a day
My heart bled and drained the love out of me
Until you returned to me and then set me free
I sat out in the pouring rain
Until I saw your face again
I realised why absence makes the heart grow fonder
The very second you returned to me in your Honda
It don’t matter about the distance
I will be by your side in an instance
I hope we never lose touch
For I love you so much

Yassar Ali

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