am dancing THE FIRST time

am dancing THE FIRST time

“It is as if HE dances each moment twice: first through is the nearness of him, and then through the sounds of Gangnam perceived a crazy other thing.( hilarious we’re both awkward.” This Guy’s description was no other Paula Abdul ( male version) who was classified as epic with his dancing humor . I am dancing as fast As I can . 2012 race for fun… hahahaha


8 thoughts on “am dancing THE FIRST time

  1. dancing was my first love and passion. when i was younger paula abdul was someone i learned lots from. i went to dance school and was a very gifted dance at one time! it will always be what im most passionate about.

  2. My two most favorite tapes when I was little were Paula Abdul and Whitney Houston. Paula Abdul was my first tape ever. I still remember roller skating in my basement on my birthday and my uncle coming downstairs and handing it to me. It was awesome!

    1. Hello.

      thank’s for that note , for me comments are more precious than those nomination and awards. Basically , I write for two things to express and to inform. Touching the lives of my readers is something like a bonus and I thank you guy’s for all.

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