Our Gem for Today…



16 thoughts on “Our Gem for Today…

  1. His words serves as the catalyst in the transformation of all the people in South Africa and this really shape the way on how the WORLD perceive Africa and its PEOPLE. Truly an INSPIRATION to all.

  2. Really beautiful quote… but actually (and frequently) incorrectly attributed to Mandela. The actual quote is by Marianne Williamson. Funny, I just wrote a post on it yesterday!

    1. He was featured in the BIO channel that’s why I get interested with him, although I had a lot of praises heard from people about his contribution in South Africa… hmmm, his name was usually mentioned in Ms. WORLD pageant… that’s all!

      1. I just like the message behind this pose, and that’s enough for me to convince myself that there are really brilliant people in History( Mandela/Williams) KUDOS for both…
        anyhow Thanks for liking and with your shared links. I really appreciate your goodness. Thanks!

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