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Anthekitera MechanisImagem was the first analogue computer used during the years of scientific exploration; to be concrete it was used for astronomical observation. The device looks so simple and less complicated than the computer sets that we have today. I doubt if Panda either Penguin exist then, for it is obvious that there’s no internet connection before. And to compare today’s transitions it is really far and absolutely unbelievable how human brain reach the epitome of its innovation.

Man’s built in Gigabytes in his head has able to forecast new ways regarding the use of computers today,  during the primitive years is was solely used for  scientific exploration but now it is used in a more wide and complicated situations. Weird right? but I am talking about the business involved in the internet today. I know by far that everyone uses the internet for searches and other relative queries, and I know that you noticed the different result views on your particular search.

You seemingly get boom basted with the different websites giving you vast of information where you can choose. It’s not the fact that we hate reading all those queries but it’s the fact that there are contents that we’re made not merely to inform but to create back links. That is the mafia’s role in SEO providing unreasonable content, but thanks to penguin and panda for they have the latest tools to detect all this hazardous invaders in the World Wide Web.

Quality content writing   for SEO is the key, as quoted by the keyword researcher here in our office. I asked why for this seems oblivious in my part. Well, I have asked myself back these questions:  Does the content of my articles informative enough for the people to read it? How about the entertainment effects in its intro do it affects the readers or merely lead them to read a few lines and let it glide. That’s something disastrous if your articles are poorly made, it just simplify the kind of writing to have in mind.

To that, I have some points to reveal regarding SEO’s best weapon for search engines. I say it again that it is the quality content writing. I finally come to decipher the relevant of having quality content writing in all our web sites post, first this allow more readers to read every single part of the details and comprehend what’s really in that content your are writing. Secondly, I believe in Panda and Penguins strategy, for sure back links won’t do that much to rank your site if your content was purely low and per say shallow.

There have been some understandings, regarding on the ways in ranking your sites in the search engines. Then I say it once again that through interesting content you will have more clicks that will eventually lead you to higher rankings.

Again, let me end by saying the world will changed so better have the best quality on your writings.


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