Helen’s LOVE Predefined

I have known people swear by love. I also am told that it is a beautiful feeling. True. But doesn’t that feeling vary from person to person – in its beauty and intensity? How many times does intense love of one person come up against not so intense love of another? or even indifference of another? How many times is love’s intensity dictated by the need- both emotional and physical? How many times, what we call a loving relationship, is sustained by the familiarity and comfort factor than pure love??

To whatever queries it is, LOVE will always mean the following for me:

  • The power of love is above all things Love makes the world go round.
  • Life without love is not worth living.
  • Love is the answer to everything in love.
  • Love is more important than wealth, money, success, power and happiness.
  • Love is the greatest JOY in the world that you can share with others.

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