Saving all my LOVE tips for Men


OK guys, you’ve seen them…you know, as you’re standing in the checkout line at the grocery store, those covers…the  covers of Cosmo, O, Allure and other female magazine giving instructions to women about what men want.

However, where does that leave us?

Sure there a few men’s magazine that rather discuss relationships tips for men, but there mainly about how many different sexual positions you use to make love.  Yes, sex is important in a relationship, but if that is all it is founded on, you and you are partner will fill empty and start looking for more sexual adventures or new partners.

What the world needs these days are REAL men, the kind of men that are embracing ways to evolve as men. These are the men that are unabashedly masculine, is powerful, confident and living HIS chosen life with honesty, integrity and courage.  This type of man is also spontaneous, compassionate and most importantly, living his deepest truth.

This type of man also is completely turned on by the feminine and loves his women sexually and ravishes her, not the old macho style, but in a way where that they both disappear.  I know, sounds rather woo-woo right?  This could not be farther from the truth!  In today’s world, a man must be a man of steel and velvet, of yin and yang.

So how does a man become this “iron man” clocked in silk?

Here are five mental strength relations tips that can assist any man in becoming more.

These may sound like the old macho man and please contemplate these tips as to their true essence. This is not “I’m the boss, so you have to do what I say”.  These tips are to assist you (men) stand strong in your own power while at the same time acknowledging the divine feminine in your woman.

Never Change Your Mind to Please Your Woman:  If your lady suggests something that changes your perspective, great for listening to her! But you should make a new decision based on YOUR new perspective.  Never betray your own deepest knowledge and intuition on order to please her or simply “go along” with her to appease her.  Both your lady and you will be weakened by such an action.  You will then grow to recent each other, and the deposits of accumulated in-authenticity will burned your relationship, as well as their capacity for your free action

Do not Analyze Your Women:  The famine’s moods and opinions are like weather patterns. They are constantly changing harsh and calm, there is no single source.  No amount of analysis will work.  There is no point A to point B direction of cause and effect.  There is no straight line that will point to the kernel of the “problem.”  In fact, there is no problem, only a storm, a breeze, a sudden change in weather.  The origins of these storms are the every present high and low pressure systems of love.  When a woman feels love flowing deeply, her mood can instantly evaporate into joy, regardless of the supposed reason for the mood.

Your Purpose Must Come Before Your Relationship:  Every man that his highest purpose in life cannot be reduced to any particularly relationship.  This of course presumes that you KNOW what your highest purpose is.  In todays ever-busy world many men are just trying to survive and “make a living.”   If this is you, I would recommend finding your purpose quickly and start to live it.  There are many ways to find your purpose, I am found of The Warrior’s Quest or a vision quest.    Once you have your purpose, if you prioritize your relationship over your higher purpose, you will weaken yourself.  You will disserve the Universe, cheats your woman and the word of an authentic man how can offer his full and undivided presence.

Praise Her:  The masculine grows by challenge, come on, we men all LOVE and even look forward to a good “fight”.  Without a challenge, the warrior is dead. Not physically dead, but mentally.  However, the feminine grows by praise, and the more heartfelt praise, the better.  The key here guys is heartfelt. This means when you’re watching football and your lady comes in room with a new hairstyle, dress, etc, you need to stop, look at her and praise her.  This does not mean waiting for the next commercial.   A man must be unabashed and expresses in his appreciation for his women. Praise her freely and often.

Your Track Recorded Does not Matter:  Guys, I hate to break this to you but your track record means nothing to your lady.  You could have be perfect for ten years, but for 30 seconds you turn into a jerk, your women acts like you’ve always been a jerk.  Here is the thing, the feminine responds to the moment of energy, forgetting your history of past behavior. A man’s past behavior is irrelevant to his women’s feelings in the moment.  The confusing part for us people is that we base much on another man’s history that we think his record of accomplishment should count of something. Nevertheless, to your women, it does not matter.


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