How to let go o…

How to let go of the Past

By: emancipation of freah


            When an important person hurts us, or we have a negative experience from the past. Rather than brush a way the pain, a lot of us are stuck emotionally, lick our gash, and tolerate ourselves to be afraid. Time passes and it becomes harder to move forward. Before we know it, years have gone by.          To become fulfilled in the present and more excited about the future, many of us need to learn to let go of the past.


  1. Write down your thoughts and feelings about how badly you are treated or what events in your relationship you felt he is unfair.
  2. Reflect daily, as much as possible clear your mind from negative chatter and concentrate on how you can move from the pain in order to survive.
  3. Think of the positive aspects on moving on, such as forgetting of the past, and open up room for better things that will come to your life.
  4. Choose an empty object, like an empty container, or anything you do not mind of losing. Write all the sentiments on a piece of paper like people, places, belongings, emotions, and stupid habits, anything you want to forget. Then, get the empty container out of the yard and lay it to rest six feet below the ground. From then on, whatever you write on that paper will no longer exists for you cannot hold to what doesn’t exit.
  5. Fore armed yourself with newfound knowledge, think positively, change your outlooks in life, and start looking forward to moving away from the past for better.

21 thoughts on “How to let go o…

    1. Nice conversation…Bruce Lee, my favorite martial artist, was a philosopher. He propagated the concept of being formless (like water) in order to adapt to and overcome a situation.

      1. I’m on the water state now… Yes, I look like Bruce Lee and that’s how they call me, I don’t know if that’s good for me to be formless…Hmmm anyway, anyhow I am starting to be prone to it!!!

  1. Interesting post. I’ve done a similar ritual to tip #4, except I write the things down then burn the paper and any artifacts that are related to the experience I want to let go of. I’ve also found that forgiveness works wonders.

    1. Motivation is essential. You really have to examine your way of living, try to figure out if it is still working. I know well that letting is not an easy thing to do. In fact, I have been in that situation, but now… Looking back in the past would always make me laugh. How such stupid me, willing to to sacrifice one life for the sake of the one he LOVES. Thanks for the comments!!!

  2. Just remember they can’t ‘have’ you either. Love your enemy because love never really dies anyways…stop fooling yourself. Just carry on with fond memories and enjoy your life. You can’t mourn anything you’ve never lost! (By that I mean love for yourself and the world around you!)

    1. Love is something endowed to us, our experiences alter its shapes and deform its posture, but whatever it is LOVE will always be at its best shape as long as we are learning from its pitfalls and tantrum. To that, LOVE will have a new meaning, far from you have dream and imagine.

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